Rent Payment Procedures

Due Date

Rent is due on the 1st of each month, but isn’t considered late if we receive your payment by the end of the business
day on the 5th. If the 5th is a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday; the next business day by 10:00am is acceptable. Payments made after the close of business on the 3rd of the month must be made by certifiedfunds (money order or cashier’s check).

Pay Online

Payments using your checking account may be made on our new pay online feature at anytime but keep in mind that
you may still be charged a late fee if your payment is not initiated by the fifth day of the month. Payments will
normally be applied to the oldest charge first.

Personal Checks

Personal checks are acceptable at any time before the 4th of the month. Certified funds may be required if checks
begin bouncing. We will notify you in writing if personal checks will be refused. The fee for a returned check from your
bank is $35.00 and is chargeable to you whether it was your mistake or your bank’s. If you ask us to hold a check
until a later date, we may try to accommodate you but we will not take responsibility if it is deposited by mistake.

No Cash

We do not want cash around the office. We have a “NO CASH” policy for everyone. Please use checks or money orders.

Late Letter

We will mail you a late notice if rent has not been received by the 5th. This letter may cross in the mail with your
payment. You must pay with a certified check or money order after the 3rd day of the month. After the 10th If rent is still unpaid by the 10th, and a payment arrangement has not been agreed to, we will begin dispossessory proceedings. Once this has started, unless arrangements are made to the contrary, rent will not be taken without the late fee, any filing fees and any other balance on your account in certified funds.

Last Month

Rent is required every month, including your last month. You may not use the Security Deposit to pay rent.

Using the Mail

You may always mail your rent to us, however, If it is received after the 5th the late fee will be due. We recommend
you mail your rent early.

Bring to the Office

To assure that payment is received by the 5th you may want to bring it to the office. A drop box at the front door is
available for your convenience (no cash please). Office hours are 9:00 to 5:00 Monday thru Friday (excluding holidays).


If you do not pay what you owe, your account will be reported to the national credit bureau affecting your credit
scores and thereby your ability to obtain credit.