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When applying for any of our properties we require the following:

• Filling out our rental application online

• Copies of the last three pay stubs or current Tax Return of 1099 if you are self employed

• The last 2 years of rental history

• The name and contact of your current and previous landlord

• The name, address and phone number of your current employer

• Any other forms of payments or income such as Social Security, alimony, child support payments, etc.

• Any other person or persons that will applying with you.

We do a credit report, verify your rental history and require three times the amount of rent as monthly income.

All applicants over the age of 18 will be required to fill out an application. Our application fee is $50.00 for each applicant 18 or over. Each applicant 18 and over will be required to be on the lease.

We do not take any active backruptcies or apartment collections that are less than four years old. If you are currently paying on a past collection we will need proof that you are making payments on that or that you have paid it off.

Our pet policy is on a case by case basis unless the owner has requested no pets. There is a refundable deposit for each pet that is permitted.

Unless otherwise noted, the tenant is responsible for yard maintenance. The yard maintenance includes cutting the grass, trimming the shrubs, eding the walkways and driveways and blowing off all grass clippings. In the fall all leaves must be kept racked up and disposed of.

All maintenance issues are required to be reported to Bluebird Realty.  If a repair is found to be the fault of the tenant there will be a charge to the tenant.

There will be a required security deposit normally of one month’s rent. In some circumstances a higher amount of security deposit will be required.

We do a move in before you take posession of the home. We do a move out when the lease term is over and damages will be accessed and charges will the deducted from the security deposit.

Our leases are the Georgia Association of Realtors leases. All terms and conditions in that lease will apply and will be gone over with you on the day of signing.

All key, remotes and pool keys will be given to you at the time of move in.

Sometimes a nonrefundable pet fee is required.