Sales & Management

Using A Lease Agent To Sell Your Investment Property

Bluebird Realty is a rental property management company in the McDonough, GA area that specializes in helping investors manage rental properties. Our services include finding tenants, taking care of maintenance, handling any utility payments, collecting rent from tenants, and preparing your property for a new tenant during vacancies. Investors that work regularly with property management companies know how important it is to rely on the knowledge and expertise of the property manager when looking to sell a rental property.

Property Managers Are Familiar With The Local Market

Knowing the local real estate market is imperative to listing your rental property at the right price and remaining competitive with other listings. Bluebird Realty is a member of MLS and remains updated on current real estate market changes. Since we’re already familiar with your home, it’s easy for us to turn your rental property into a prospective sale property. We will evaluate the going prices of competitive real estate and insure that your home is in good selling condition.

Help With Financing

Bluebird property management specialists can help investors with any type of sale. Whether you’re doing a straight sale of a vacated property or your current tenant wants to do a lease purchase, we can help. Our company can also help you navigate owner-financing options to help your home sell faster. If you’re looking for a property management company in the McDonough, GA area who understands all aspects of rental management and home sales, then Bluebird Realty is the company you need.