Sales & Management

Bluebird Can Assist You

slide2Though we are a full service real estate company, Bluebird Realty specializes in managing rental properties for others. With our knowledge of the local market we can assist you in your next investment property purchase. The principle of Buy Low/Sell High would seem to be a nobrainer, but often owners come to us after purchasing a property and find that the agent who sold them the property either wasn’t working in their best interest or was uneducated as to the rental market for the area. For those investors in the area, but even more so for those not living here, it is critical that you have an idea about THIS market BEFORE purchasing. It isn’t possible to know what a house in Henry County will rent for if it is compared to a house in New York or California, or even compared to the north side of Atlanta. In most cases, if you had a good feel for the market 3 years ago, that wouldn’t be helpful in today’s market. Markets vary widely, even within counties, and you need to know today’s market for each house you have an interest in BEFORE you purchase. We can help with that if you are interested in properties in our market area of Clayton, Henry, Fayette and Spalding counties. For your sake, call or e-mail us before purchasing. We can also help you through the 1031 Exchange process. If you use our brokerage services when you purchase, we will reduce your first leasing commission by half. That is an attractive savings, but a drop in the bucket compared to what you might lose if you buy the wrong property.